Leon is @twogami on turtleseed. He will often disappear for a day or two and when he is on he doesn't post much. He very obviously loves Twogami, since both his turtleseed and tumblr are Twogami themed. Despite setting his name as "Leon Memelover", he doesn't talk much about memes though he did post only the word "meme" 4 times in a row.

He doesn't frequently interact with other people, so it's assumed he's either shy or just doesn't like talking to people.

He is incredibly gay.

Sources say he smells like burnt toast.


@hinawa says... Edit

Twogami and Leon: the same exact character how did they get away with this

Leon is a very cool baby chick who participates in sneaky crimes w/ me, the pug. hes my partner in size and also very strong. (proof: has more muscle tone than someone who kayaks everyday at 5 am. plus he can roll my fat pug body down a hill)

Leon is very cute and fun to talk to. They have a cute cat and a large dog. Also they have like 5 wiis so they are automatically cool B)