Im scared that everyone is out to get me

ivan (@russia) is the irl aph russia. it likes dogs more than anything. it prolly has a shrine dedicated to dogs. weirdo

(other things it likes: tulips, ghosts, guro, hamlet, okami + emoji)

info Edit

  • name: ivan
  • pronouns: it/its or he/him if u have trouble w it/its but if u don't + u use he/him i will Kill u
  • birthday: 9/13
  • kintypes: ghost, fiction (aph russia + utsutsu from gatchaman crowds), shuck, dog (maltese) + fae
  • personality types: virgo/fire rat, esfp/isfp, choleric, enneagram type 6, chaotic good/chaotic evil

trivia Edit

  • likes dogs Too Much. knos Almost Everything about dogs. can talk about dogs 4 hrs
  • (also hamlet)
  • its favorite dog breeds are borzois, dobermans, akita inus, dachshunds, rottweilers, dobermans, shikoku kens + standard poodles
  • its favorite flowers are tulips, sunflowers, purple hyacinth + hydrangea
  • it's constantly cold. like it could be 100 degrees + it's prolly still cold tbh
  • literally the king of borzois
  • constantly changes icon
  • constantly makes typos, thought it was 2015 4 at least a week, forgot abcs once, buried a moth
  • what the fuck is grammar
  • runs diversetalia please check it out
  • also runs /ts/hetaliakin

testimonials Edit

ts user russia is v cool v nice probably one of the nicest on ts tbh like honestly v funny too ily ts user russia -@aang

it is so cool!! super cool! my utsutsu bud! also as we r the rulers of bp headcanons we should totally hc jam sometimes js >:-00!!! do i have to put my name u prob know who this is lol but -@tsubomi

it's the first ever gay dog -@dionysus

credit Edit

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