a warrior cats fanfic with seedizens as warrior cats, written by @neopet


neopetstar - a jazzy cool cat with legs that just wont quit.

flappaw - cat with these lke. wing things. tries to fly. everyone tells flappaw it cant. flappaw dont care. its impossivbly thoguh
darkstripestripe - lack cat with 2 stripe.

kouhafall - stop dealing out weed. dude. dude no, weed doesnt cure eveything. dude whatt he fuck bro

asukastail - orange cat. why. stop being orange
IVArclightleaf - yelwloo cat
lightnight - is it black? is it white? what the hell. are you glowi ng now. what the fuck bro
sailortrashnose - is often mistaken for trash
hiphoppidydootooth - a skeleton cat. cool
russiaflight - a fat ass cat. is way too big for its own good. cant even fly what the fuck who names cats flgiht
deadface - a dead cat
plantsfern - weird green cat. blends in with the gfrass. probably made out of weed
Virionass - blue cat who never does shit for anyone
purrsong - stop it. stop. stop purring. stop. oh my god. go to bed. I CANT SELLEP WHUILE YOUR
kyouheifrost - a warrir that thinks its a kit still. dude cmon
royaltywhisker - cat with one whisker
sylveonsfoot - pink and white cat. how. stop beign weird ass cats wtf guys
dolceclaw - gay weaboo cat #444443
yukinelight - ass cat with golden eyes
aliveface - an alive cat
matoiryukowing - cat that wont stop yelling. stop. stop yelling. who is stacey kristen
shinyjirachishine - cat with a eye ball on it s stomach. rumours sayign that its not real. that one cat says theyve seen it but no one believes them.
kidosshade - neon green and purpel cat. HOW DI
mangacloud - weaboo ass
nullfur - a cat made out ogf the void
southparkeye - has that look in its eyes thats like. if you look into them youll either see an eye or see a dark, dark secret
moltresblaze - can you chill for like, 2 mintues? oh right you cant. ahahhaha yourew a flame bird
hisokashade - cat... thats shady. .... probably wears sunglasses

chandelurepaw - its eyes glow in the dark. stop it
mizukipaw - i dont know. gay cat #39048790790
pennypaw - is battle ready, or so it says. should probably be a warrior soon
sazpaw - its best friend is a cat. haha get it. theyre all c

soulgemssoul - pink weird ass cat. nya ?
melberry - that one cat who is pregnant way too often

wolveskit - cat thats probably long haired or something i dont mknow. fucking
blazeitkenkit - kitten that smells like weed
hiyokokit - i dont know why i made you a kit but hiyoko from sdr2 is a child so i just

nidainekomarustorm - weird ass shit eater. get out of the damn stink pit or whateve
frankyface - weird cyborg cat. how the fu,k. that one cat who is always grumpy and chews weirdly. slurpy slurp.

slyblue - large tree. everyone pisses on it
nootnoot - a rock. i dont know. its grey

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