@Misdreavus (also known as Remi, or less commonly Bill Cipher or dorito) is a user on Turtleseed. Ae are


known for [insert something here]. Ae are 14 years old, agender, asexual, polyromantic, otherkin (faekin, witchkin, ghostkin), and fictionkin (Patchouli Knowledge, Wheatley, Emmet Brickowski, and Bill Cipher). Aer hobbies are drawing, writing, and doing things using ciphers. Ae like Touhou, Gravity Falls, Pokemon, video games, the LEGO Movie, and a whole host of other things.

Ae are pretty much bros with anyone willing.

Also, aer pronouns are ae/aer, wit/witch, and gho/ghost.

The Dorito Squad Edit

Remi is part of a group known as both "The Dorito Squad" and "the Bill Cipher/Illuminati dorito side of Turtleseed". This group doesn't do much besides be Literal Bill Cipher and occasionally make the whole shore topic revolve around Bill Cipher. They're pretty well known.

The group consists of Bill Cipher #1/Remi @Misdreavus, Bill Cipher #2 @cipher, Bill Cipher #3/Turtleseed dad @billcipher, Bill Cipher #4/William/The one who hasn't posted anything yet @billciphre, Bill Cipher #5/Charlie @RvrsBillCipher, and the Dorito Supporter/Kyle @phantom.

It started when Remi became a dorito and aer presence was made aware to #2 and #3. The Dorito Supporter started it, ae believe.

Testimonials Edit

@Misdreavus wrote a story about trying to figure out my fucking cipher code in my gravity phantom au comic and it was even really well-written?? gvm lfggz gvm z Tivzg Roofnrmzgr Wlirgl ––@phantom

"cool marching band dorito" --@birdo


"aers In my wallet! factact..aers everywhere... oh god run!"--@woah anonymous person spooky

wtf aer so cool!! makes me want to learn how to cipher and has a really great ask blog tbh --@danascully

Off-Wiki Testimonials Edit

[These are testimonials made on Turteseed itself.]

ur ltierally a weird puppet lamp shade ghost -@russia