MamiTeris (previously Gay4fOxy) is a turtleseed user who is known to be the gayest user on turtleseed. He is known to love baras and Mami Tetris, being the one to extened the duration of The Great Mami Tetris Apocalypse of '14. He is incredibly homosexual and a furry, and has stated on several occassions he is going to fuck Foxy from Five Night's at Freddy's, the cast of Morenatsu, and Tony the Tiger. (which gained him 3 followers.) His internet siblings are turtleseed user cookie and turtleseed user mel, and he is single as fuck and will be so forever (tfw no bf). His icon is always Chaos Hero, from Shin Megami Tensei.

He had a chicken named Sebastian who he was raising with turtleseed user toukofukawa named Sebastian, until Sebastian was turned into nuggets. toukofukawa left him when he was caught fucking Foxy.

He terrified turlteseed user marvel with the power he gained from gay Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy fanfiction.

He is the mod for the famous togethertube chatroom alongside ts user pmmm/mel.

Overall, he's a pretty cool and dumb guy.

His theme song is here.