Bagel Edit

@bagell its the official bagel of and also shares the self proclaimed title of 'Breakfast God'. She is small and probably really gay. She is said to take interests in Vocaloid, anime, RPG horrors, and stuffing leaves up her ass as fall approaches.

Accomplishments Edit

  • Uguu kano

    This is one of her greatest accomplishments, the edit she had made which partly started the uprising of Moe Kano

    Making the edit of Kano Shuuya with Sailor Moon's eyes that partly started the Moe Kano movement.
  • Making various other edits in the past such as Soft Seed, Moe ____, as well as Tokyo Mew Mew Kaneki Ken.
  • Official bagel of turtleseed.
  • Moemura

    One of @bagel's edits made when Turtleseed watched Rebellion

    100% Weeaboo
  • nagel
  • kaneki ken
  • first and only x2 legend
Ghoul ghoul go

@bagel made a typo of 'Tokyo MewMew', spelling it as 'Tokyo Ghoul'. This is the result.

Other Facts Edit

  • Cool ravenkin and kaneki fictionkin
  • Cis girl oops
  • Pan
  • Problematic for being so gay for Alannah (@akemi) and have grown infamous for it.
  • Is a meme loving fuck please talk to me

Testimonials Edit

the coolest bread i've ever met - @buckybarnes

2cool4school - @teddie

cool as heck 10/10 tokyo baghoul - @juuzou